Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pam dysgu Cymraeg? - Why learn Welsh?

Darn bach diddorol yn rhaglen 'Today' ar yr radio BBC 4, yn sôn am y cynnydd flynyddol o blant sy'n dysgu Cymraeg a Gaeleg. Ag am unwaith yn stori bositif

There was a piece on radio BBC 4 'Today' programme, about the rise in children learning Welsh and Gaelic. And for a change it is a positive piece, talking about the strong evidence how learning two languages early on gives you all kinds of social, educational and economical benefits. Professor David Reynolds, professor of education at Plymouth University and former adviser to the Department of Education, discuss if a different language gives children the edge over pupils who're being taught solely in English.

Dyma'r linc i'r safle we i wrando ar y sgwrs -

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